Volvo FMX Performance engine 1

Volvo FMX

Short Facts

Gross vehicle weight:
18 to 48 tonnes

Chassis height:
900 to 1240 mm

D11C: 330, 370, 410, 450 hp
D13C: 380, 420, 460, 500 hp

Engine graphs to drool over

Not everyone knows how to read engine graphs. However, those who do are always impressed when they see the graphs for Volvo’s 11- and 13-litre engines. The engine characteristics are truly extraordinary. High torque from low revs – something that really pays off in rugged terrain. And maximum torque that remains on tap across a wide rev range does wonders for the truck’s driving properties.
Massive braking effect
As you know, however, there are as many descents as there are ascents. And they can be as difficult to handle. That’s why we have VEB+, Volvo’s patented engine brake. With its enormous braking effect, it ensures you don’t risk losing control of your truck on steep downhill gradients.

Low fuel consumption – low emissions
The Volvo FMX is available with a choice of two engine sizes in several power outputs. They are all renowned for their high efficiency rating. This translates quickly into particularly low fuel consumption, as well as low exhaust emissions. With SCR technology, the engines meet Euro 5 standards. What’s more, several of the engines are also available in EEV versions, which means even lower particle emissions.