LKS - Lane Keeping Support

Stay in the middle of the road

There is now an automatic system that helps you monitor the truck's position on the road. If you get too close to the road's edge or the centre line, you will be alerted by an audible signal. The Lane Keeping Support (LKS) helps you out when you get distracted.

The LKS is a driver support system that alerts you when the truck unintentionally drifts from the current lane. Applications are mainly in the long haul segments when the truck is being driven in a steady cruising speed under monotonous traffic conditions.


The main components of the LKS are a camera, a processor and a control unit. The camera continuously films the road markings. The information is transmitted and handled by the control unit, which is connected to for example the speedometer, braking signal and turn indicator. When a number of criteria are met that show that the truck unintentionally is steering off course, the control unit sends a warning signal.

The LKS is easily activated or de-activated with a switch on the instrument panel.