Have a closer look at the cab. Others will.

New Volvo FM front design

Outstanding looks. Day and night.

The Volvo FM is a powerful and efficient truck made to stay on the road. And this is something that clearly reflects in the cab design. The aerodynamic lines, brave-looking new grille and V-shaped daytime running lights all contribute to providing the new Volvo FM with a unique appearance that stands out on the road.

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Just as safe as you would expect.

Safety is one of our core values, and we go great lengths to design our trucks to minimise the risk of injuries in the event of an accident. Just like all Volvo cabs, the new Volvo FM has undergone some of the most stringent crash tests in the world, including the Swedish cab impact test.

Volvo FM car transporter

Need some extra capacity?

If you want to make use of the space on top of the cab roof, the low sleeper cab is the perfect choice. Mounted on the X-Low chassis, it measures only 261.5 centimetres from road to roof, allowing plenty of room for additional cargo. Especially valuable for car transporters and other volume-sensitive applications.

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