Step inside your comfort zone

A comfortable driver is a good driver. That’s why every part of the new Volvo FM interior has been developed with the driver in mind. From the entry step to the bunk.

Enjoy a perfect driving position and all the modern amenities you could ask for, for a true car-like driving experience.

What drivers wanted – read the interview with the cab product planners

Volvo FM visibility

A cab with a view.

Good visibility is crucial when you navigate through dense traffic or crowded streets. From inside the Volvo FM it’s great, because the cab sits low on the chassis and the windscreen is large.

Electric drying cupboard

Electric drying cupboard.

A quick way to dry your clothes, towels and shoes. Fits on the upper bunk or cab wall. Energy-efficient, quiet and easy to store away folded.

New, modern and ergonomic dashboard

New, modern and ergonomic dashboard.

The new, gently curved dash not only looks appealing. It’s designed for an ergonomic and comfortable driving position with all controls, instruments and storages within easy reach.

Audio system

Audio with possibilities.

Whatever you want to listen to, the audio system won’t stop you. Mp3, wma or iTunes m4a? From CDs, USB stick, iPod or via the aux input? Anything goes. View the complete specifications.

Driver’s seat

A great position to be in.

Every driver knows the value of a good seat. The one in the new Volvo FM can be adjusted 20 cm fore-aft and 10 cm vertically. And it features a new cushion that’s more comfortable than ever.

Volvo FM door

Pleasing to the eye.

The Volvo FM interior has been redesigned. Colours and materials have been carefully selected to create a calm and attractive driver’s environment. Choose from three different trim levels: Robust, Dynamic and Progressive.

Interior storage

Loads of storage options.

The roomy storage facilities at the front and under the bunk are accompanied by several handy compartments for smaller possessions. There are also two new bedside storage pockets for magazines and other items.

Steering wheel buttons

All at your thumb tips.

Buttons for cruise control, audio, phone and what’s in the information displays, allow you to keep a tight grip on the wheel. With leather as an option, it’s a comfortable one.

Interior lighting

Advanced interior lighting.

The energy-efficient and powerful light sources make for fantastic in-cab lighting. All are easily controlled in three preset steps or with the dimmer. When driving in the dark – switch to the red lights to preserve your night vision.

Electronic climate control, ECC

ECC – Electronic Climate Control.

The electronic climate control makes sure you always have a comfortable climate in the cab. Just set your preferred temperature.

Have a good night.
Don’t compromise on sleep quality just because you spend your night in the cab. The lower bed is 70 cm wide, features 16 cm pocket springs and a choice of three different firmness levels.

Keeping the outside noise out.
Volvo cabs are famous for being well insulated. The new Volvo FM is no exception. And thanks to the new engine suspension, less vibrations reach the cabin. Altogether reducing the stress on your ears.

Leading steering wheel adjustment.
The steering wheel can be adjusted 90 mm vertically and tilted 28 degrees, allowing you to find your perfect driving position. Conveniently controlled by a foot pedal and folds away easily when you enter or exit the cab.

Clean water anywhere.
If you want fresh water, you don’t have to go far. The exterior compartment holds a 7-litre tank equipped with a tap.
Electric parking brake.
The electrically controlled parking brake is handled with an easy-access dashboard switch. Automatically engages at key-off, and – with a little help from EBS – automatically releases when taking off.

Electronic remote key.
It’s more than a key. Lock or unlock from a distance. Turn on the lights to approach the cab safely. And if you’re feeling threat-ened, just push the panic button to blast the horn.

Keeping your eyes on the road.
With the new, intuitive instrument cluster comes plenty of new high-end features. All making it easier to focus on what’s important. Learn more about the instrument cluster.

Room for alcolock.
Alcohol doesn’t belong in traffic. That’s why the alcolock does. Factory fit it to your Volvo FM, and send a clear message to your customers how seriously you take road safety.