Low sleeper cab, front view

Spacious where it matters.
Above the roof.

Only 261.5 cm from road to roof. For car transporters and other height-sensitive applications, the new Volvo FM’s low sleeper cab is the perfect choice.

4 metre height limit

1.39 metres at your disposal.

If you transport cars, you know how to appreciate a low truck. Because whether there’s room for one more or not is often a matter of centimetres. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that the low sleeper cab on the new Volvo FM is lower than ever – only 2.61 metres (given the right specification). This leaves as much as 139 centimetres for your precious cargo, if you need to stay within the common 4-metre limit.

Low sleeper cab roof

A clean cab roof.

If you want to take advantage of the low cab height, you don’t want anything sticking up from the roof. Fortunately, the antennas on the Volvo FM can all be moved out of the way. The WLAN antenna can be moved to the front shelf, the phone antenna to the dashboard and the toll collect, FM, CB radio and Dynafleet antennas can be fitted to the cab sides.

ECS4 suspension

Driving comfort. A matter of height.

Great handling has always been a key feature of the Volvo FM. Now it’s better than ever, and it doesn’t get any better than with the X-Low chassis. Plus, the new air suspension system ECS4 lets you choose from three customisable driving heights, improving ride comfort even further.

Learn more about ECS4

Volvo FM door

Easy entry and exit.

One of the most appreciated features of the Volvo FM cabs is the entry step. And it doesn’t get any lower than with the X-Low chassis – only 26 cm above the ground (depending on tyre dimension and brand, of course). Add to that a door that opens a full 90 degrees and an optional grab handle, and you have a cab you comfortably enter and exit many times a day without strain.

How it all adds up.

Low sleeper cab measurements A. Cab

B. Frame

C. Suspension

D. 355/50 tyres (laden)