Volvo Dynamic Steering.
Total control without strain.

Perfect stability at high speeds. Total control at low speeds. And drastically reduced strain on your muscles.

The groundbreaking Volvo Dynamic Steering will completely change the way you drive. Without effort, your Volvo FM simply follows your intentions.

Here are all the facts.

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High-speed stability

At high speeds:
Let nothing set you off course.

Driving straight isn’t as easy as one would think. In fact, you often have to compensate for kicks from road ruts, pot holes and road markings. Or correct your course after braking on a mixed-friction surface. Yes, sometimes even side winds can disturb your ride.

Volvo Dynamic Steering changes this completely. Just loosen your grip on the wheel, concentrate on the traffic and be sure the truck won’t change direction until you want it to.

Low-speed control

At low speeds: Steer with one finger and save your back.

This is where Volvo Dynamic Steering really will change your day. And your future. Because you no longer need to strain your muscles to manoeuvre the truck at low speeds. Volvo Dynamic Steering provides you with all the steering force you need. You can literally steer the truck with one finger. This not only gives you complete control of the vehicle but also practically eliminates the strain on your neck and shoulders.

Developing fingertip steering – interview with Volvo Dynamic Steering specialists

Reversing control

When reversing:
Perfect control without strain.

Reversing with a fully laden truck is one of the most challenging and trying aspects of the job. Especially where you need to focus every bit of your attention on the surroundings. Not so with Volvo Dynamic Steering. You now reverse with perfect precision – almost without effort. And as soon as you let go of the wheel, it automatically returns to neutral, reducing the strain even further.

Furthermore, if you need to reverse long distances, here’s something new. The course stability is so great that you can reverse a truck and trailer more than a hundred metres without drifting off course.