Volvo FMX

Volvo FMX, the modern construction truck, packed with innovative solutions and groundbreaking features.

4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×2, 8×4 or 8×6

D11 or D13 (330 to 480 hp)
Volvo FMX front

How can a bumper affect your uptime?

On the narrow, dark stretches in the mine or in the gravel pit it’s easy to bump into something and damage the truck. Thus, the headlights must be protected. Nothing must not damage the oil pan. The bumpers must withstand rough treatment. And if something should happen you shouldn’t need to bring the truck to the workshop. Just keep on running as if nothing happened. Because uptime is essential.

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The sturdy bumper

The sturdy bumper.

It’s made of steel, it’s in three parts and the attachments are visible and easy to undo. This makes it easy to change the part that is damaged. So if you run into a pile of rubble it’s no big deal. Perhaps you don’t even notice any damage on the bumper. This is because the steel bumper is also covered by a thick polypropylene coat that will return to its original form if damaged.

Volvo FMX front underrun protection

The protective front underrun protection.

The complete lower front is made as a box construction. Every part of it interacts, making the construction very sturdy, but at the same time resilient in a collision with a car. We at Volvo have mistreated this truck in our tests, more than you ever will do. And we are now convinced that this is the sturdiest front in the industry.

Volvo FMX skid plate

The skid plate.

This protecting guard plate under the engine is really worth its name. It is 3 mm thick and it doesn’t only protect the engine sump but the hoses and cooler too. Everything that is perishable when driving off road is protected, even when you reverse.

The skid plate has another advantage too; if you drive in a very dusty environment the plate reduces dust vortices under the truck.