Volvo FMX

Volvo FMX, the modern construction truck, packed with innovative solutions and groundbreaking features.

4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×2, 8×4 or 8×6

D11 or D13 (330 to 480 hp)
The new Volvo FMX

Drive it like you hate it

Fifty years ago these words were made famous by a Volvo campaign. Yet they have never been more relevant than they are today. The new Volvo FMX is built for the toughest working conditions on earth.

Beneath the robust exterior, a revolutionary new steering system takes the weight off your shoulders, and purpose-designed suspension evens out the terrain. You’ll get the job done quicker, and smoother.

Top Stories

1 DESIGN Asok George explains what the new truck has in common with your favourite pair of jeans. arrow 6 WORKPLACE The redesigned cab has better storage, greater comfort and a suite of controls at your fingertips. arrow
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2 STEERING How to cancel potholes and take the weight off tired shoulders: Volvo Dynamic Steering arrow 7 AIR SUSPENSION What the new air suspension means to a Volvo FMX and its driver when the road is like a washboard. arrow
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3 ROBUSTNESS Is it robust enough to run into a pile of rubble without having to stop for a repair? arrow 8 MOBILITY Meet the new 8x6 mud wrestler and discover why AWD is a waste of fuel – unless it’s a Volvo FMX. arrow
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4 TRIDEM When there’s hardly any space to manoeuvre, Tridem has turning axles in all the right places. arrow 9 I-SHIFT Read all about it: now the 4x4, 6x6 and 8x6 are available with Volvo’s automated I-Shift transmission. arrow
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5 GROUND CLEARANCE With protection for vital parts, air suspension no longer compromises valuable ground clearance. arrow 10 HEADLIGHTS Improving productivity after daylight – the mission to give FMX drivers the very best light performance. arrow

Some of the product features or services mentioned in the Top Stories may not be available in all markets. Your Volvo Dealer will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

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The new Volvo FMX comes with several exciting features.

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Key features of Volvo FMX

Buying a new Volvo FMX – the hows and whys

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Interested in buying a new Volvo FMX? Identifying your ultimate transport solution is best done by meeting up with someone dedicated to the whole process of buying and owning a Volvo Truck. Together you will finalise the specs, find the best financial deal as well as the most appropriate service agreements for once your truck is on the road.

The new Volvo FMX can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs Engines Transmissions Rear axles
Volvo FMX cabs Volvo FMX engines Volvo FMX transmissions Volvo FMX rear axles
Day cab
Sleeper cab
Globetrotter cab
D11A (330, 370, 430 hp)

D13A (400, 440, 480 hp)
Manual gearbox
Single reduction
(GCW approval: 44–70 tonnes)

Hub reduction
(GCW approval: 65–120 tonnes)

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