Rental Service

There are two factors to consider when running a business: Ingenuity of services and products offered and the cost-efficiency of running it. Both play a big part in the profitability of the company. For someone who is just starting with his business, it is quite practical to focus on the latter in order to minimize the costs. This can be done by renting the needed equipment rather than buying them. And if one is involved in construction and mining business, you can count on Civic Merchandising, Inc. to give you a helping hand.

Civic Merchandising Inc. offers a complete range of construction and mining equipment backed by expert mechanics to support your growing business needs.

Rentals are made more convenient by making it available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With on-site delivery and excellent personalized service, plus rental purchase and lease options to choose from, Civic Merchandising Inc., becomes one's ultimate business partner in rentals.

Start running your business smoothly. Choose your business partners well. Choose Civic Merchandising Inc., And watch your business grow.