Volvo FH Chassis brakes


  • Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS)
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Z-cam brakes
  • Auxiliary brakes, such as Volvo Engine Brake (VEB/VEB+)

Unmatched braking systems
The braking system includes EBS disc brakes with ESP as an option, or alternatively the tried and tested Z-cam brakes.

These alternatives can be supplemented with particularly effective auxiliary brakes, such as VEB/VEB+ and a retarder.

EBS is an anti-locking disc-brake system that electronically controls braking effect. There are many advantages to having disc brakes with electronic control via the truck's own electrical system.

Drum brakes of Z-cam type are used primarily on trucks with leaf suspension.

Compact retarder - integrated with I-Shift and manual gearboxes, provides continuous availability of high braking moment, even during gearchanging. Total braking effect with retarder depends on engine model and equipment, such as EPG/VEB/VEB+'