Volvo FM Gearbox


  • I-Shift
  • Wide range of manual 9-speed and 14-speed gearboxes

The I-Shift will change the way you drive. It is a 12-speed automated gearbox applicable to long-haul, distribution and construction duties, dimensioned to handle gross combination weights above 80 tonnes. It is quiet and more compact than ever, weighing approximately 70 kg less than a manual gearbox.

To suit a variety of needs the Volvo FM can be fitted with several 9 or 14-speed manual gearboxes. All feature servo synchromesh and wire operation, which results in low gearchanging force and less lever vibration. The range-change and splitter gearboxes are available in versions intended for different engine torque levels and optionally with overdrive as well.

Gearbox-driven power take-offs
There are gearbox-driven power take-offs for most applications - high-revving and low-revving with flange-driven or direct-driven hydraulic pumps. There are also variants with dual drive. All the PTOs are of a robust design to ensure a long service life.