The new Volvo FE

Your flexible working partner, delivering excellent driveability and first class productivity.

4×2 tractor; 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 rigid

D7E (240, 280 or 320 hp)
The impressive front of the Volvo FE

Something unmistakeable is approaching.

At Volvo Trucks we believe that each member of the family has its own distinct personality. The Volvo FE cab exterior stands out from the crowd in this respect. It is a vehicle that radiates a particular confidence, and a balanced, sleek front marks out its territory as the highest quality vehicle in its field.  

New Volvo FE iron mark

Be proud to drive a Volvo.

A recent new design builds on the Volvo FE’s unique personality, achieving a thoroughly modern look while further optimising functionality. Trademark V-shaped LED lamps are one of its most recognisable characteristics on approach. The front grille features a beehive pattern that allows for more efficient air-flow, facilitating better cooling of the engine and the after-treatment process. The prestigious Volvo iron mark is now placed high on the front of the vehicle, closer to you, the driver. The Volvo FE – all things considered, a mark of distinction.

Reinforced cab

A robust, safe exterior.

As you would expect, the Volvo FE has undergone the strictest tests to ensure that it is the safest vehicle of its kind. We guarantee the highest standards of on-the-road protection, facilitated by putting our trucks through the unique Swedish impact test. It is the most stringent safety test in the world, and has been developed to mimic the forces experienced in different kinds of accident.

Aerodynamically designed

Aerodynamically designed.

The exterior of the Volvo FE has an aerodynamic design and is gently rounded in order to lower air resistance. This not only saves on fuel, it also increases the truck’s driveability.

Volvo FE under-run protection

Under-run protection saves lives.

Volvo has pioneered front under-run protection, introducing the system long before it became mandatory. Developed to maximise the safety of road-users, front and rear under-run protection prevents smaller vehicles from becoming wedged under the truck in the event of a collision.

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