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Volvo FE power take-offs

Add more power to your application.

Distribution. Refuse services. Construction. Whatever your business, it has never been easier to power your truck for the task at hand with the Volvo FE’s versatile selection of power take-offs. These easily operated power systems provide the possibility for the truck to operate such load-handling systems as a refrigeration system or a small crane.

Perfect power solutions for every utility truck.


Get the most from your superstructure.

The power take-off is the vital link between the power source and the function. The solutions available for the Volvo FE are comprehensive and you’ll always find one that fits your specific needs. Since the interaction between power take-off and driveline is crucial for quality, Volvo power take-offs are designed specifically for Volvo engines and gearboxes. In addition to reliability, this brings many advantages, such as low weight and simpler maintenance.

Types of power take-off

The different types of power take-offs.

There are a variety of power take-offs available for the Volvo FE. Clutch-dependent power take-offs for manual gearboxes offer a flexible torque range of maximum 800 Nm, while clutch-independent power take-offs for automatic transmission offer a maximum of 600 Nm torque output.

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Power take-off specification

Specification is crucial.

There are many reasons why it is important to specify and order the correct power take-off with chassis from the factory. The four most important ones are optimal operation, higher quality, simpler fitting and lower overall cost. Volvo’s own in-house manufactured power take-offs are produced to guarantee the highest possible quality and perfect matching to the severe demands of the distribution sector. When specifying power take-offs it is important to optimise the combination of engine, gearbox, power take-off and hydraulic pump. A well-optimised system brings benefits in terms of performance, noise level, weight and cost.

Volvo FE - Tailor your solution

Tailor your solution.

The length of time that a power take-off is used varies depending on the application, and the power demand for every application varies widely. Make sure you discuss your power needs with your Volvo dealer or representative in order to find a solution fitted to your specific application.