Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13A: 400, 440, 480, 520 hp
D16C: 550, 610 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL cab

Packed with new features. And space.

Upright A-pillars make the cabs more spacious than ever before. And every bit of this space has been designed to add to the driver's comfort – from the moment you sit down behind the wheel to the moment you wake up in the bunk. So you can also do a good job tomorrow.

Welcome to your new workplace.

Full standing height icon

Full standing height.

Up to 18 cm higher than the previous Volvo FH cabs. Unless you’re a professional basketball player, here’s plenty of headroom. 220 cm in the largest cab, Globetrotter XL.

View the complete cab specs

An extra cubic metre of space

One extra m3 of space.

The cabs feel spacious. And they are. In the Globetrotter XL cab, the straightened A-pillars, lower engine tunnel and raised roof add up to a full cubic metre, or 12%, of new space.

Fully adjustable steering wheel

Back-saving steering wheel adjustment with neck-tilt.

The fully adjustable steering wheel with a 20° neck-tilt function makes for comfortable driving. Folds away easily when you enter or exit the cab. Conveniently controlled by a foot pedal.

Storage space

Plenty of room for stuff.

We’ve added 300 litres of storage. The spacious front, under-bunk, rear and exterior storages can be tailored to your needs, and are accompanied by plenty of convenient compartments for smaller items.

Ergonomic dashboard

New, modern and ergonomic dashboard.

The new, gently curved dash not only looks appealing. It’s designed for an ergonomic and comfortable driving position with all buttons, instruments and storages within easy reach.

Learn more about the instrument cluster

Electronic climate control

ECC with air-quality sensors.

Electronic climate control with top-notch air vents and a multitude of sensors and filters, processing the air before it fills your lungs. The result is unprecedented air quality, improved defrosting and a draft-free environment.

Wider lower bunk

Wider bed for sleep or rest.

No need to sleep tight. The lower bunk has become 40 mm wider at the head end and 55 mm across the middle. And the head part can be inclined up to 55° – perfect when resting, reading or watching TV.

Elecric drying cupboard

Electric drying cupboard.

A quick way to dry your clothes, towels and shoes. Fits on the upper bunk or cab wall. Energy-efficient, quiet and easy to store away folded.

Sky window emergency exit

The sky is the limit.

Adding to the spacious feeling, the tinted glass sky window is the finest emergency exit you’ll ever see. It has sun blinds and mosquito net, and can be fitted with an electrically controlled hatch.

4 extra cm between wheel and belly.
Don’t get stuck behind the wheel. The seat adjustment range is of world class – a whole 24 cm from front to back. That’s an additional 4 cm compared with the previous Volvo FH.

Electronic remote key.

It’s more than a key. Lock or unlock from a distance. Turn on the lights to approach the cab safely. And if you’re feeling threatened, just push the panic button to blast the horn.

Audio with possibilities.
Whatever you want to listen to, the audio system won’t stop you. Mp3, wma or iTunes m4a? From CDs, USB stick, iPod or via the aux input? Anything goes. Add a 400 W subwoofer for some extra muscle.

Advanced interior lighting.
13 energy-efficient and powerful light sources make for fantastic in-cab lighting. All are easily controlled in three preset steps or with the dimmer. When driving in the dark – switch to the red lights to preserve your night vision.

Room for alcolock.
Alcohol doesn’t belong in traffic. That’s why the alcolock does. Factory fit it to your Volvo FH, and send a clear message to your customers how seriously you take road safety.
Stay in bed.
The advanced sleeper panel lets you control the interior lights, alarm clock, parking heater, parking cooler, audio system, windows, roof hatch and locks. All without leaving the bunk.

Electric parking brake.
The electrically controlled parking brake is handled with an easy-access dashboard switch. Automatically engages at key-off, and – with a little help from EBS – automatically releases when taking off.

Prepared for a 19" TV.

Volvo FH can be factory-prepared for mounting a TV set – complete with brackets, antenna and outlets for power and TV signal, as well as an aux input, connecting the TV to the audio system.

A comfortable ride.
New rear cab mounts. New steering-gear position. New front end geometry. New engine mounting. And more. We’ve taken many steps to increase driving comfort. We have to say the result is pleasing.

Clean water anywhere.
If you want fresh water, you don’t have to go far. The exterior compartment holds a 7-litre tank equipped with a tap.