The Volvo FL cab exterior.

Part of the family. Without doubt.

At Volvo Trucks we believe that each member of the family is entitled its own distinct personality. The Volvo FL cab exterior quickly gives it away, in the most positive sense. The smallest sibling is cheeky, full of attitude – but still, unmistakably, part of the Volvo Trucks family. That means safety, performance and reliability. All wrapped up in one really good-looking package.

The Volvo FL V-lights.

Spotted from a mile away.

The characteristic V-shaped LED lamps, together with the front grille are a few of the most recognisable traits of the Volvo FL exterior. The prestigious Volvo iron mark is placed high on the front of the vehicle, closer to the driver.

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Robust and safe

A robust, safe exterior.

As you would expect, the Volvo FL has undergone the strictest tests to ensure that it is the safest vehicle of its kind. We guarantee the highest standards of on-the-road protection, facilitated by putting our trucks through the unique Swedish impact test. It is the most stringent safety test in the world, and has been developed to mimic the forces experienced in different kinds of accidents.

Saving fuel

Lowered air resistance saves fuel.

The exterior of the Volvo FL has an aerodynamic design and is gently rounded in order to lower the air resistance. Apart from saving fuel, this also increases the general drivability.

Front and rear under-run protection.

Under-run protection saves lives.

Volvo has pioneered front under-run protection, introducing the system long before it became mandatory. Developed to maximise the safety of road-users, front and rear under-run protection prevents smaller vehicles from becoming wedged under the truck in the event of a collision.

Volvo FL instep

Easy entries and exits.

In order to minimise the strain of the many entries and exits, the instep to the cab is placed in the most accessible angle possible. Furthermore it features anti-slip coating, optional stairwell lighting and accessible handholds to facilitate for the driver.

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Volvo FL front grille

Front grille – both design and functionality.

The front grille with its honeycomb mesh pattern presents an impressive, easily recognisable, front that stands out in any surroundings.