Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13C: 420, 460, 500, 540 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL cab

New mirrors you’ll see less of

The new Volvo FH mirrors provide you with a larger vision area than ever before. Additional cameras and sensors efficiently eliminate blind spots.
1. The gap. A huge visibility improvement.
Upright A-pillars with a slim cross-section and newly-designed mirrors have done wonders for the visibility from inside the Volvo FH cabs. The gap is up to 25% larger on the driver side, and up to a massive 85% larger on the passenger side. Invaluable, not least in city traffic, allowing you to spot other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

2. Ultra-slim housing. For safety.
The new FH mirrors have slimmer housing than ever before. That means they not only help you see better backwards, they also reveal more when you look ahead. On the driver side, the area of vision has been improved by over 20%. On the passenger side, by over 10%. As a bonus, the design also helps improve aerodynamics and is less sensitive to soiling.

New Volvo FH rear view mirrors

Electrically controlled rear-view mirrors

Electrically controlled and heated.

No need to scrape frost or moisture off the mirrors. The heated mirrors take care of that for you. And since all rear-view mirrors are electrically controlled, you can adjust them precisely without leaving the cab. Just as convenient as it should be.

Exterior visibility cameras

Exterior vision cameras. When there’s more to see.

There are angles no mirror in the world can reach. Fortunately, Volvo FH is factory-prepared for fitting up to four exterior cameras, wherever you need them. Connected to the integrated secondary information display (SID-High), they provide a handy way to take a glance backwards, for example when reversing or checking the load.

Lane Changing Support icon

Lane Changing Support. Goodbye blind spot.

Just beside the rear-view mirrors on the passenger side is a small but significant icon. When lit up, it indicates that Lane Changing Support has spotted something in the blind spot area, and you should refrain from changing lane until it’s clear. Indeed a life-saving safety feature. Learn more about our driver support systems