Volvo FL driving

Power and performance – in a perfect mix.

No matter the assignment – when it comes to city distribution, the Volvo FL will get the job done. On time, every time. The trucks’ efficiency and reliability rests upon the FL driveline – a combination of fuel-efficient Volvo engines and the best gearboxes available, all fitted to your specific requirements.


  • D7F (240, 260, 290 hp)
  • I-Sync (6 gears)
  • Manual (6 or 9 gears)
  • Automatic (6 gears)
Rear axles:
  • Two maintenance-free single reduction, solo axles with a max axle load of 11.5 tonnes.
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The Volvo D7 engine

The D7F – an engine you can trust.

Six cylinders. 240 to 290 hp. The Volvo FL engine will never be found wanting. Plenty of torque, quick response and a powerful output. Performance adapted to your particular needs, ideal for inner city distribution, for maximum productivity and profitability. Every time, every working day.

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Exhaust after-treatment

The Volvo FL engine has been constructed and adapted to comply with strict emission standards This makes sure the levels of nitrogen oxides (NOX), total hydrocarbon (THC), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) are regulated. The Volvo D7 engine presents the user, as well as the surroundings, with an engine that manages to offer power and performance of the highest class while still keeping emissions at bay.

Choose your gearbox

Choose your gearbox

The manual gearboxes are available with six or nine speeds and are operated with servo assistance. The short gear lever is positioned on the dashboard. The automatic transmission is operated via push-buttons. All the gearboxes can be specified with a power take-off.

I-Sync for Volvo FL

I-Sync. The right gear at the right time

With the Volvo FL’s automated 6-gear I-Sync transmission you’ll be able to experience an even easier way of getting things done. The I-Sync provides you with the luxury of operating your gearchanges with no clutch pedal necessary thus making that inner city traffic, with the frequent starts and stops a walk in the park. Tailored for inner city distribution, optimised for your comfort.

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