The Volvo D7 engine

Power and performance in a perfect mix.

Six cylinders. 240 to 290 hp. The Volvo FL engine will never be found wanting. Plenty of torque, quick response and a powerful output. Performance adapted to your particular needs, ideal for inner city distribution, for maximum productivity and profitability. Every time, every working day.

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Engine reliability.

D7F – as reliable as reliable gets.

The Volvo D7F engine is a six-cylinder, 7-litre diesel engine with a power output of either 240 to 290 hp. The D7 is one of the most reliable six-cylinder engines on the market. And with the choice of power output it is optimised for any particular transport assignment.


Exhaust after-treatment

The Volvo FL engine has been constructed and adapted to comply with strict emission standards This makes sure the levels of nitrogen oxides (NOX), total hydrocarbon (THC), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) are regulated. The Volvo D7 engine presents the user, as well as the surroundings, with an engine that manages to offer power and performance of the highest class while still keeping emissions at bay.

Volvo torque curve – a smooth ride guaranteed

The Volvo torque curve
– a smooth ride guaranteed.

The D7F engine will secure wide, flat torque output and lightning-quick response, even at low rpm:s. The maximum torque is 940–1,070 Nm at 1,200–1,800 rpm.

Engine power.

We’ve got the power.

When driving a Volvo FL with a D7E, you’ll always have plenty of engine power. And with unparalleled rapid response the engine’s power output is optimally suited for inner city traffic.

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FL engine range

Hp kW Torque
D7F240 240 177 940 Nm
D7F260 260 191 1010 Nm
D7F290 290 213 1070 Nm

A variety of power take-offs

Power take-off options.

In order to power your load-handling or other additional equipment, your truck must be fitted with an extra means of power supply – a power take-off. Add one or more to transfer power from the engine and power separate attachments such as a crane or a cement mixer. The Volvo FL features a wide variety of PTO:s that will fulfil any need for any type of distribution or transport assignment.

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