Volvo FM Engine


  • D9B engine; 300, 340 or 380 hp
  • D13A engine; 360, 400, 440 or 480 hp
  • With SCR engines meet Euro4/Euro5 norms
  • Volvo Engine Brake (VEB/VEB+)
  • Fitted with 1000 Nm engine driven power take-off
  • High torque within a wide engine speed range

More power for you
The Volvo FM has a choice of several engines, the D9B, the D13A and the D13B. In  addition, the D11B is available for 4x2 and 6x2 tractors. In total, four powerful solutions featured with the latest technology, four valves per cylinder and controlled unit injectors.

D9B - High efficiency. Low weight
The D9B engine is a 9.4 litres, straight, six cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. Available with a choice of three power outputs; 300, 340 and 380 hp.

Advanced casting techniques and engineering solutions result in a lightweight engine which gives a remarkable amount of power in relation to its weight.

D13A - Pure power
The D13A engine is a 12.8 litres, straight, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. This engine is available with a choice of four power outputs; 360, 400, 440 and 480 hp.