Our Environmental Commitment

The Volvo Trucks approach to environmental care springs from a view of Nature as something highly positive and worth protecting - a view we believe is connected to our Scandinavian heritage.

Consequently, we have always defined progress in human terms: it's not just about selling more trucks, but selling trucks that limit the environmental impact.

We have a long tradition of taking care of environmental issues. Our first environmental policy was developed as early as in 1972, in conjunction with the UN's first conference on the environment, and since the early 1990s, environmental care is one of our core values and guiding principles.

But our environmental commitment doesn't stay on the desk. We constantly strive to improve energy efficiency in our own operations. And we currently plan for CO2 emission free production in all of our plants. In parallel we continue to develop ever more efficient and sustainable transport solutions to our customers.

By doing all this we carefully follow the Volvo Group's ambitious environmental policy.