volvo hybrid technology

Hybrid technology in brief

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) uses at least two different sources of energy. Accordingly, it combines two different energy converters for propulsion. Volvo's approach is to use diesel fuel and the electric power from the energy storage system, mainly batteries.

Efficient power usage
The main benefit of hybrid power-train systems is their ability to optimize the usage of the two power sources to suit the current situation.

Typically, electrical power is used for fuel-consuming activities like acceleration and during deliveries. The diesel engine takes over as speed and power outtake stabilize. In this way fuel consumption, environmental impact and noise levels can be significantly reduced.

Parallel hybrids are preferred
There are three basic configurations in HEV powertrains: series, parallel and split power. The Volvo hybrid truck uses a parallel-hybrid drivetrain system, since it provides the best balance between cost and benefit. Most hybrid suppliers began working on series-hybrid systems and have transitioned to parallel-hybrid architecture for similar reasons.

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