volvo I-SAM hybrid system

I-SAM paralell hybrid system

Volvo uses a parallel-hybrid drivetrain system designated I-SAM (Integrated Starter, Alternator Motor). The system integrates a powerful electric motor within a driveline complete with diesel engine and automatic gearbox. The motor also serves as an alternator that provides the onboard battery system with power.

Smaller engine - same performance
Thanks to efficient interaction between the two power sources, a smaller diesel engine can be used without compromising on performance.

Recover braking energy
Braking energy is converted in electricity and stored in the batteries. The stored electricity can be used to operate the electric motor and electrical applications such as doors and air conditioning during standstills.

Volvo FM Hybrid Concept - technical data

  • Volvo FM with I-SAM
  • 6-phase PM synchronous motor
  • Power 120 kW
  • Torque 800 Nm
  • Volvo MD9 engine
  • I-Shift gearbox