Volvo FE hybrid

The future of refuse handling is already here

Due to its productive personality, the Volvo FE has been recognised as a cost effective truck for city distribution and refuse handling. 

From a driver's perspective, the hybrid is also more pleasant to operate with excellent drivability characteristics and reduced noise levels.

A perfect fit for "stop and go" applications
Like the Volvo FM Hybrid, the Volvo FE Hybrid is equipped with a diesel engine and an electric motor. The latter powers the truck from startup and up to 20 km/h. At higher speeds, the diesel engine kicks in.

When the vehicles stops, the diesel engine automatically shuts down to avoid unnecessary idling.

Since braking energy is used to charge the lithium-ion batteries powering the electric motor, the greatest fuel saving potential is in applications with a lot of "stop and go" driving:

  • up to 20% for refuse handling (up to 30% if the superstructure also rely on the electric motor)
  • between 15-20% for city distribution

Low on emissions and close to noiseless
Any savings in fuel means equal savings in CO2 emissions, meaning that the Volvo FE Hybrid will contribute some 15 - 30% less to global warming.

The emissions of NOx and particulates are at zero level when the truck is operated in electric drive - and it is a very silent truck when accelerating and idling. These are both strong benefits when operating in sensitive urban areas.

Field test with customers
During 2009-2011, a number of hybrid vehicles will be field tested across Europe.

Volvo FE Hybrid Concept - Technical data

  • Volvo FE with I-SAM (Integrated Starter Alternator Motor)
  • Power 120 kW
  • 7-litre diesel engine
  • Volvo I-Shift gearbox