Smooth operators are saving up to 8 percent fuel with Airflow

Even without air deflectors, Volvo trucks are renowned for industry leading aerodynamics. But the fact is that most Volvo trucks are sold with factory fitted air deflectors to further reduce wind resistance for the truck – and fuel costs for the operator. With the complete Airflow package this fuel saving can add up to 8 percent.

Even in perfectly calm conditions, a truck driving down the motorway at 80 km/h creates it’s own headwind. The cab itself is highly streamlined, but depending on the type and size of trailer or body it’s attached to, a great deal of turbulence can be generated as the air leaves the cab and meets the trailer. By optimising airflow in these areas the deflectors can largely eliminate the turbulence, allowing the truck to penetrate the wind with minimal resistance.

The Airflow package consists of three different types of deflector: the roof deflector, side deflectors and chassis skirts. Tests have shown that the roof and side deflectors alone can achieve a fuel saving of up to 8 percent. Together with chassis skirts the same tests show a fuel saving potential of almost 9 percent.

Most transport operators running Volvo trucks have already discovered at least some of the benefits of air deflectors. And now the complete Airflow package is available for Volvo trucks with an even wider selection of wheelbases. The roof deflectors are either fixed or adjustable, depending on the vehicle height, chassis height and tyre dimension.

Furthermore, tests show that when a roof deflector is mounted 5 cm too low or 10 cm too high then potential savings are reduced by 1 percent – a good reason to have them factory fitted from the start.
Every Drop Counts 
every drop counts

The airflow deflectors for the roof and rear sides are individually tailored to each respective cab and are available for the entire range.

Aerodynamically designed chassis skirts – further reducing air resistance – are available for the following wheelbases:

  • 4X2 TRACTOR, WB3700 & WB3800
  • 6X2 TAG AXLE TRACTOR, WB3400 & WB3700
  • 6X4 TRACTOR, WB3400