Guaranteed Monthly Costs Means Guaranteed Savings

"We have 2 - 3 vehicles working out of each of over 50 operating centres from Cornwall to Yorkshire. Before we chose Volvo, we looked at their dealer locations and we found we were unlikely to ever be more than 10 miles away from a Dealerpoint. The availability of service was an important reason for going with them."

"There's a lot of stop - start work and grab work. The trucks are also used to carry waste from a job to the tip. It's an arduous job and we can't afford for the trucks to be off road. Utilisation is the key. If truck is down, it's off hire and we lose that revenue. It also costs the business as each truck feeds about 6 to 10 teams. If they stop digging or working because there is no truck to deliver the materials or take it away, there is a massive knock on effect. If a vehicle is idle for 6 hours, it means the truck is 'off-hire' and the teams cannot move on and the work just keeps backing up and the costs increasing.

None of our trucks are maintained during the day. We have to have out of hours servicing and we must have the truck back by 8 am the next day without fail. That's why we have a national out of hours servicing agreement with Volvo."

"A big advantage of operating Volvo is that it is a premium brand. The drivers perception of Volvo is important to us. They enjoy using the Volvo's. They have a good truck, a productive crane with a long reach and it makes their job more enjoyable."

"Barring scheduled maintenance, we aim for 100% utilisation of our trucks. It's a tough challenge and we moved to Volvo from other makes because of its dealer network, national out of hours servicing and uptime."


Guaranteed Monthly Costs Means Guaranteed Savings - Morrison Utility Services

Jeremy Harrison, Morrision Utility Services, Yorkshire

Morrision Utility Services install and maintain utilities under contract - gas and water mains, telecoms cables and electricity lines.

Operating 11,000 items of plant from compressors to trucks, with 150 trucks - mainly 6 or 8 wheel tippers.