Volvo is definitely a leader in fuel management systems

Managing Director David Simpson is an advocate of using systems to measure and reduce fuel usage and is now looking at the benefits of the Fuel Management Service. R W Simpson have been using Dynafleet since 2005 and, says David, his company is at an
advanced stage of measuring fuel usage.As result, they have achieved a 5% reduction in fuel usage.

The fleet covers around 9,000,000 Kms per year and the savings
from using a combination of Dynafleet, a driver fuel bonus system and an ongoing programme of professional driver development
equates to a reduction in fuel usage of 140,000 litres per annum.
In addition, there is the equivalent saving in carbon dioxide emissions.  “Volvo is definitely a leader in fuel management systems such as Dynafleet. It is a good investment. Our fuel reduction programmes are self financing and the drivers respond positively.”

The entire Fuelwatch concept is incorporated in the Fuel Management Service. Trucks specifications are optimised for the
best fuel efficiency. Drivers take part in professional development
training for fuel-efficient driving techniques and Dynafleet is used for maximum benefit. Overall the company benefits not just from lower costs and a reduction in accident and damage related risks, but also from a better image in the industry.

David Simpson, Managing Director, RW Simpson

Fresh and chilled produce distribution company R W Simpson operate 57 Volvo FH tractor units and 100 trailers from 5 sites across the UK. They collect fresh produce from farmers, growers and packing stations during the day and deliver it overnight to food manufacturers.