WR Carter & Sons (Transport), Lincolnshire

What They Quote Is What We Pay

WR Carter & Sons (Transport), Lincolnshire

WR Carter & Sons offer transport solutions across the UK and Europe, so need their fleet to be fully operational at all times.

“Whatever our customers ask, we try to answer yes – that’s what running a 24-7 service is all about nowadays. It follows, we expect the same from our Dealer and with Volvo it seems whatever we ask the answer is always yes!

Volvo Trucks Fitted-Price means the price they quote is always the price you pay.”
There are no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises with Volvo Fitted-Price and what’s more there is a 2 year parts and labour warranty, vehicle recovery and cover against consequential damage.

To see how Fitted-Price can benefit your business contact your local authorised Volvo Truck Dealer.