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In 2008 the city of London implemented its Low Emission Zone (LEZ) program to improve air quality by targeting poor emission levels from older vehicles. From 3rd January 2012 the required emissions standards are raised to Euro 4 for PM (particulate matter) for trucks over 3.5t and buses & coaches with more than 8 seats over 5t. This will affect all vehicles which operate inside the London Low Emission Zone and means that all Euro 2 & 3 emissions trucks over 3.5t and buses & coaches over 5t, registered before 1st October 2006, will have to be upgraded to meet the tougher emissions standards. 



  Implementation Dates

 Minimum Standard

 LEZ Phase 1


 February 2008

 Euro 3 PM

 LEZ Phase 2

 HGV 3.5-12t
 Buses - Coaches

 July 2008

 Euro 3 PM

 LEZ Phase 3

 LCV 1.2-3.5t  Minibuses (8+Seats)

 January 2012

 Euro 3 PM

 LEZ Phase 4

 HGV > 3.5t

 January 2012

 Euro 4 PM

If your Trucks does not meet the emission requirements by January 2012 you risk heavy penalty charges of £1000.00. To check if your vehicle is compliant, visit www.tlf.gov.uk/lezlondon

The London Low Emission Zone operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year including weekends and public holidays and covers a large area within the M25.

Don't take the risk, talk to your local Volvo Dealer for specialist advice on how to meet LEZ requirements.

 LEZ Map

Our solutions include:

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Volvo New Truck
There’s never been a better time to buy a Volvo New Truck.  All our new trucks designs feature SCR technology for Euro 5 emission control that are all fully compliant with the new London LEZ standards. What’s more, with Volvo Trucks you can enjoy a “one stop shop” solution from finance to telematics and from a wide range of tough reliable trucks to full repair and maintenance packages. Contact your local Volvo dealer for further information or click for details

Volvo truck range

Volvo Used Truck
Buying a Volvo Used Truck has never been easier; with access to the largest stock of LEZ compliant Volvo Used Trucks available in the UK there is bound to be a truck to meet your needs.
What’s more, Volvo Selected Used Trucks are subjected to thorough inspections so you can buy with total confidence.  Search online for Volvo Used Trucks currently available at
LEZ Particulate Filter
Volvo Trucks, Buses & Coaches use a particulate filter which
is designed and manufactured to the
highest Volvo standards to ensure compliance with new London LEZ requirements. 

Particulate filter

All Makes LEZ Particulate Filter Benefits:
  • Easy to fit and maintain plus cost effective
  • Particulate filter built to specific vehicle
  • Available for all makes
  • Upgrades vehicles as old as Euro 2
  • Volvo  have 30 years experience in exhaust and emission products
  • LEC and RPC approved for the London Low Emission Zone 
  • Provided with Low Emission Certificate
  • Fitted by expert Volvo trained technicians

LEZ certified Volvo dealers include:

  • VTBC London - Bedford
  • VTBC London - Basingstoke
  • VTBC London - Croydon
  • VTBC London - Didcot 
  • VTBC London - Hayes
  • VTBC London - Milton Keynes
  • VTBC East Anglia - Bardon
  • VTBC East Anglia - Bury-St-Edmunds
  • VTBC East Anglia - Felixstowe
  • VTBC East Anglia - Ipswich
  • VTBC East Anglia - Norwich
  • VTBC East Anglia - Coventry
  • MC Group Ltd - Hythe
  • MC Group Ltd - Maidstone