SAFED - Safe and Efficient Driving with a Volvo FH

SAFED - Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

Monitoring and managing the fuel consumption of your vehicles is vital for any professional operator.

By implementing a fuel management programme, a fleets fuel consumption can typically be reduced by at least 5%, with an equivalent cost saving. Use of safe and fuel efficient driving techniques as part of a fuel management process will contribute to this fuel saving.

This one day Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED ) course has been designed to improve the safe and fuel efficient driving techniques of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers.

The SAFED programme should be considered as a baseline for the development of your drivers’ skills and knowledge, specifically in the areas of
safety and fuel efficiency.

Your drivers will develop skills that promote their safety and that of their vehicle, load and other road users. Through efficient driving, drivers raise their levels of professionalism and become more of an asset to you and your company.


  • Reduced stress levels and enhanced driver satisfaction
  • Increased confidence in vehicle control and driving performance
  • Reduced running costs, including fuel spend; improved profit margins
  • Increased productivity and vehicle utilisation
  • Reduced emissions – improved environmental performance
  • Less injuries and fatalities on the roads
  • Less accident damage to your vehicles
  • Less unproductive downtime for vehicle repair
  • Potential reductions in insurance premiums

Course Content

  • Brief introduction to the vehicle & controls
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Hazard perception checks
  • Eye sight check
  • Theory behind safer & fuel efficient driving
  • An introduction to all the instruments & controls
  • An assessment drive to determine the delegates driving skills
  • Feedback and vehicle/road craft instruction
  • 2 to 1 Driver training ratio
  • A second drive to enable the delegate to practice new driving techniques
  • Underpinning knowledge exercise
  • Final feedback and discussion
  • Can be delivered at customers premises