Dynafleet app

Fleet performance – all in your hands

The Dynafleet app provides constant updates on the performance of your trucks and drivers – wherever you are. This makes it possible to easily pinpoint critical data and take immediate actions for reduced costs and better vehicle usage.

Updated – now with driver rankings
The updated version ranks your drivers’ driving based on a total fuel efficiency score. If anyone is in need of driver training – you’ll be the first to know. The drivers can track their own score over time as
well as comparing their result with others. Why not arrange friendly internal competitions in order to increase motivation? The more drivers you’ll get on board, the more money will be saved.

iPad Dynafleet app

Not a Dynafleet user?
Please take a look at the demo included in the app.Click here for more information on Dynafleet.

Discover the main benefits
The immediate overviews as well as the detailed information in the app provides the basis for improved:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Driver productivity

There are three main sections in the app: Dashboard, Vehicle and Driver. Below the central functionality and views on both iPhone and iPad are presented.

Free download
All Dynafleet users can get access to essential fleet information in their smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app for free by visiting Apple’s AppStore or Google Play and use your Dynafleet login to get started.

Easy to get started
  • Log in as administrator in the Dynafleet portal
  • Register your drivers and provide them with a log in
  • Assign your trucks with type of usage: distribution, construction or long haul
  • The figures presented in the app are now measured based on the type of transport you have assigned to the vehicle