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Financial Lease

Financial Lease is a smart option if you want a brand-new truck at a fixed monthly fee while preserving your credit lines for other investments.

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Full control and preserved credit lines

Financial Lease gives you full access and control over the truck, but Volvo is the owner for the full duration of the contract. This makes budgeting easier and improves cash flow. It also ­preserves credit lines with other financiers, which is good news if you want to invest elsewhere in your business. The contract is tailored to match your costs and earnings. At the end of it, the truck is paid in full and ownership is transferred to you.

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Some financial facts and hints

Financially, the truck is an asset on the balance sheet and depreciated according to plan. The leasing fees are booked as interest costs. You are responsible for repairs, maintenance and insurance. This means that if you take good care of the truck you get a lower cost of ownership, improved uptime and productivity and can resell the truck at a higher price.

Main features of Financial Lease

  • The truck is leased for a set period  
  • Easier budgeting
  • Matches cost and earnings
  • Preserved credit lines
Financial Lease

Which financial solution is best for you?

Do you want financial advice, please contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer