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Volvo Financial Services.
Your way forward.

Your Volvo truck is a vehicle of the highest quality that is both safe and customised to suit your business perfectly. The same goes for our ability to help you with financial solutions, combining industrial expertise with a desire to keep your business and truck rolling.

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Your needs are what matters to us

Volvo Trucks understands and cares about your business like no one else does. There may be seasonal income variations and tough times, but we believe that our trucks will help your business – and we have the necessary flexibility to find a safe way forward for you. Financial solutions are all about numbers – but these are your numbers. Based on both our industrial expertise and our ability to help provide financial solutions, we can cater for all your needs.

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Should you buy or lease the truck?

A new Volvo truck is a great investment, but new times require new financial thinking. Maybe cash or credit is no longer right for you. Luckily, we offer several other options – and will carefully assess your needs to find your way forward. 

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Eliminate risks and get the latest trucks

Securing the future of your company is crucial to all the generations involved in your business. We can help you manage the financial risks of ownership when investing in a new Volvo truck. Let us worry about that while you get access to our latest vehicles at a competitive monthly cost. 

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Focus on growth - leave the rest to us

Do you want to focus on growing your company and maximising its future profits? If so, leave everything truck-related to us. Volvo’s most comprehensive financial packages include financing, insurance, repairs and maintenance. These add value to your business, consolidate your costs, save time and give you full operational control.

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