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Operational Lease

Operational Lease gives you access to the very latest trucks at a very competitive monthly cost – and we remain the owner, which minimises your financial risk.

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Less hassle - more focus on your business

Operational Lease is all about simplicity. You pay a fixed monthly fee to get the full benefit of the truck, but there is no transfer of ownership. This makes budgeting and accounting very easy, you get better control over your finances, credit lines are preserved and you can focus on your business. You lease a brand-new truck for a set period, and then swap it for a later model, which makes it very easy for you to keep your fleet up-to-date.
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Some financial facts and hints

The leasing fees are operational costs and can be deducted to reduce the tax base. The financial risk is minimised, as we remain the owner and carry the residual risk. You are responsible for repairs, maintenance and insurances, and by taking good care of the truck, you improve its uptime and productivity.

Main features of Operational Lease

  • The truck is leased for a set period
  • Ownership and financial risk remain with Volvo Trucks 
  • Easier budgeting
  • Better cash flow 
  • Access to the most up-to-date vehicles at a competitive monthly cost
  • Preserved credit lines 
Operational Lease

Which financial solution is best for you?

Do you want financial advice, please contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer