Worldtrucker - the online drivers community for truckers worldwide

Worldtrucker - the online drivers community for truckers with passion!

Worldtrucker for the UK & Ireland is here!

Worldtrucker is a global online community for truck drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. 

Launched in the UK & Ireland in September 2010, Worldtrucker enables you to make friends with truckers throughout the UK & Ireland, plus there is a English (Global) version too - which enables you to make friends with English speaking truckers around the world.

How do I join?

It’s easy and free to join! Simply go to, or Google “Worldtrucker” and click on “Join Now”, you will then be asked to fill in a few simple profile questions such as name, country, language, email address. Your account is now set-up in the basic level. You can now add your own profile picture, name who you currently drive for, and build up your own “garage” of the trucks you currently drive.

From here feel free to start making friends, chatting on the forum, uploading pictures of your favourite trucks.
What else can you do on the site?

In addition to talking with friends/fellow truck drivers in the UK, you can also take this internationally, and make friends across the globe. The same goes for the forums, if you can speak and write in another language feel free to comment on our other language forums.
You can also search for groups, and set-up your own groups, be it work colleagues, a group for a specific event or “we love trucking down the M6” group, this is up to you!

We look forward to welcoming you to!