Volvo FH16 Cab interiors

Volvo FH16

The heavy weight champion of long distance haulage.

Gross Combination Weight:
18 - 120 tonnes. Up to 200 tonnes for special heavy haulage applications.

D16G: 540, 600, 700, 750 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL

Work effectively. Live comfortably

Just step in and you'll feel it immediately. The FH16 is for very important people. High-tech systems, pure luxury and an airy openness surround you. Offering the ultimate in functionality, comfort and convenience. Whether you're working or resting, the FH16 is the most incredible place to be on wheels. It is your world - and you're in charge.

The ultimate driver environment
At the forefront. The advanced ergonomic design of the instrument panel, fine-tuned climate control, the inspiring sound of your favourite music and connections for pretty much anything - long into the future. Expect all this and more.

More space, smart storage
Expand your territory. The new, airy interior gives you unsurpassed space to work, relax or simply be. You can also rely on smart storage solutions. Safe and secure.


The right light
It's all about functional ambience. Experience our advanced lighting solutions and you'll know what we mean. Lights optimally positioned, anticipating your preferences when working or simply taking it easy. Dimming? Of course.

Changing perspectives
From premium cab to luxury living room. The optional seat is designed to swivel 90° when the engine is off. Perfect for socialising or simply enjoying the match on a flat-screen TV that can be mounted above the driver's seat.

Sweet dreams
Nothing beats a good night's sleep. Which is why we are introducing a new, wider bed design that provides the soft, yet firm support you deserve, there is even the option of a reclining bunk.