Low entry cab

One step up

This truck is just the job for you if you work with refuse collection, municipal service or distribution. If you have to climb into and out of the cab several times a day and want to look after your knees. If you want space for up to four people, superb visibility, excellent comfort and driving properties that make it easy to pick your way along congested city streets.

 We built the Volvo FE Low Entry Cab for you.


Walk-through cab with low entry

The first – and only – step is just 540 mm above the road surface. If you opt for the kneeling function, entry height is reduced by a further 100 mm.


The door can open at a 90 degree angle. Inside you will see there is an entirely flat floor, making it easy for you to move through the cab in comfort. Height between floor and roof is 1.6 metres.


Place for four

The Volvo FE LEC has plenty of space for crew and personal belongings. It can be equipped with two or four seats – each with a three-point seat belt.


Good visibility in every direction

A large windscreen together with big, well-placed windows, rear-view mirrors and close-visibility mirrors provide excellent visibility all round and good contact with the surrounding traffic. There is the option of a low window in the passenger door and windows behind the B-post on either side.


Built for city traffic

The Volvo FE LEC is built for city traffic characterised by fast acceleration and frequent stop-and-go traffic. The engine produces high torque from low revs and responds alertly to the accelerator. Gearchanging is smooth and convenient via a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission.


The truck is easy to manoeuvre even on narrow city streets, particularly if you choose the 6x2 variant with steered tag axle. The Volvo FE LEC is equipped with the latest generation of Volvo’s highly efficient and fast-acting EBS brakes and meets Volvo’s strict safety demands.


Low fuel consumption and low emissions

The Volvo FE LEC has Volvo’s 7-litre engine producing 300 or 340 hp. Both versions offer extremely efficient combustion, which can be seen in the low fuel costs and low emissions. Just like the other versions of the Volvo FE, the Volvo FE LEC is approved as per Euro 5.


A genuine Volvo FE

The Volvo FE LEC shares 95% of its components with other variants of the Volvo FE range. This means it benefits from the very same swift parts supply and simple service. And, not least, the Volvo FE LEC has received whole-vehicle type approval throughout Europe.