Volvo FE

Possibly the most versatile truck in the world.

Gross Vehicle Weight:
18-26 tonnes

Wheel bases:
Rigid: 3200-6800 mm
Tractor: 3500-3900 mm

240, 260, 300, 340 hp

Low Entry Cab

Technical specifications

Walk-through cab with low, flat floor and space for up to four persons (driver + 1 or 3 passengers).

Entry height: 540 mm above the road surface (440 mm with kneeling function activated).

Floor height: 900 mm above the road surface (800 mm with kneeling function activated).

Engine: Volvo D7F, in-line 6-cylinder common-rail engine, 7.2 litres. Available with choice of two power outputs.

  • 300 hp (2100-2300 r/min) and max torque 1160 Nm at 1200-1800 r/min. 
  • 340 hp (2100-2300 r/min) and max torque 1300 Nm at 1200-1700 r/min.

Top-mounted power take-off.

Gearbox: Allison AL306, automatic transmission with 6 forward ratios and TC421 torque converter.

Rear axle: RSS1344C with ratio 4.63 and 5.29 for optimised driveability and fuel consumption (there is also the option of specifying the other rear axles from the Volvo FE range).

High (1000 mm).

Axle configurations
4x2 or 6x2 with steered tag axle.

3500 mm – 5500 mm.

All-round air suspension. Kneeling function for front axle as an option.

Gross Vehicle Weight
18 (4x2) or 26 tonnes (6x2).

Axle load
Front axle load 8 tonnes.
Rear axle load, driven axle 13 tonnes (6x2).
Tag axle load 7.5 tonnes.