A smarter workplace

Day cab

  • Maximum load capacity
  • 4 DIN compartments for CB radio, CD changer, tachograph etc.
  • Length: 1600mm
  • Width: 2300mm
  • Interior height: 1620mm

The day cab offers space for a long body and maximum load capacity.

Comfort cab

  • One bed, fixed or foldable
  • Plenty of storage space
  • 4┬áDIN compartments for CB radio, CD changer, tachograph etc.
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 2300mm
  • Interior heigh: 1620mm

The comfort cab is specially designed for drivers that cover somewhat longer distances. There is space for a bed when you need a break. The pullout drawer has room for items such as freight documents and other transport papers, maps and personal belongings. On the outside of the drawer there is space for two large bottles or thermos flasks.

Sleeper cab

  • One bed
  • Extra three-section storage space under bed
  • Wide range of seat options
  • Optional equipment levels
  • Length: 2200mm
  • Width: 2300mm
  • Interior height: 1620mm

The sleeper cab is comfortable and has plenty of space for you when you need a break or get a good night's sleep. The thick coil-spring mattress and broad bed ensures a restful sleep.

The driver's seat is anatomically designed and conveniently adjusted, so that you can find the perfect driving position. There are several options for you, including seat-integrated belt, air suspension and power adjustment.

Low Entry Cab

  • Extra-low entry. Just one step, 540 mm above the road surface. Can be lowered a further 100 mm with the kneeling function.
  • Floor height 900 mm above the road surface (800 mm with activated kneeling function).
  • Walk-through cab with totally flat floor.
  • Space for up to four people.

The low entry cab is specially designed for transport operations that require frequent movement in and out of the cab every day, for example refuse collection, municipal service and distribution operations. The cab is practical and spacious and can be equipped with two or four seats.