Volvo FE chassis

A framework for success.

When adapting the chassis of the Volvo FE, our engineers set their imaginations to work. A flexible model was the collective vision, one that could be fitted to almost any assignment a truck could undertake.

They then developed a sturdy, durable chassis which, although light, could bear heavy loads and could be easily customised.

Now you can put the results of their endeavour to the test.

Easy, fast loading

Easy, fast loading.

The Electronic Control System (ECS) can be used to control the air suspension levelling, via switches on the dashboard or a control box. This results in easy, fast loading, regardless of the height of the loading ramp.

Euro 6 - Business as usual

Business as usual.

The improved chassis packaging for Euro 6 means that the Volvo FE remains as flexible as before, unaffected by the stricter emission requirements.

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Flexible suspension

Flexible suspension.

A smooth drive is guaranteed by state-of-the-art cab suspension. There is a mechanical cab suspension, with coiled springs and shock absorbers at both front and rear, while full air cab suspension features bellows at both front and rear.

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions.

When you order your Volvo FE, the bodybuilder logs into Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions and can see the exact specifications of your truck. Work commences on building your truck, using drawings created on the system. You then receive your customised vehicle swiftly and efficiently.

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Electronically controlled brake system

Fast and safe braking response.

The Volvo FE has pneumatic brakes with lightweight discs at both front and rear.
The Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS) anti-locking disc-brake system provides both faster and safer braking response and promotes less brake wear. The system includes features such as ABS, a differential lock and Brake Blending.

The extended EBS package features a function that facilitates starting on slopes. Brake discs are available in different sizes depending on the application.