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Improve your profitability with Dynafleet.

Welcome to Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks’ user-friendly fleet management system. Dynafleet allows you 
to monitor fuel consumption, driver times, emissions and vehicle locations in real time from anywhere, through an intuitive web interface, easily integrated with your existing systems.

Choose Dynafleet and watch your business run more efficiently.

How Dynafleet works

How Dynafleet works.

No matter the size of your operation, Dynafleet is a vital tool for increasing productivity. It is a web-based service that communicates with mobile tracking hardware installed on Volvo trucks. Detailed data is relayed from GPS devices and associated hardware to Dynafleet’s database.

Dynafleet can be accessed via an internet connection from any device, wherever you are.

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Dynafleet’s cornerstones

Dynafleet’s cornerstones.

Dynafleet consists of several features and functions. You can either choose one or combine several to suit your needs. Every feature can be integrated with your existing administration system.

Driver times.
This service ensures that you are kept updated at all times. Driver times registers driver activity during working time – whether driving, delivering or waiting. It can be used to create a basis for both calculating wages and ensuring that you operate within legal regulations.

Keeping track of your trucks has never been easier. Detailed maps powered by GoogleMaps gives you full control over your operations. Driver and vehicle data can be presented directly in the map for immediate information about a delivery. And the fact that you will know exactly where the truck is benefits both you and your customers.

Fuel & Environment.
Fuel & Environment offers a complete overview of fuel consumption, distances covered, emission levels and data for every vehicle and driver on the team. The Fuel Efficiency Score function allows you to easily compare your drivers in detail, as well as looking into trends over the last 13 months. Combined, this makes Fuel Efficiency Score a perfect tool for active driver coaching – and for controlling your fuel consumption over time.

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Dynafleet App – On the go.

Dynafleet is also available as a convenient smartphone or tablet app so that you can monitor your trucks wherever you are.