I-Shift Volvo FE

I-Shift. Forget the gearbox – just drive.

Driving with I-Shift is an effortless pleasure. Volvo’s advanced automated gearshifting uses built-in intelligence to select the right gear for you everytime.
Even the best drivers find it impossible to match I-Shift’s automatic precision. Just relax. Or if you feel more comfortable being ‘in control’, you can step in and change gear manually. The choice is yours.

Fuel consumption

Good news for your fuel consumption.

I-Shift is designed to save you money by saving you fuel.

When driving in Economy mode, every gearchange is precisely timed to let the engine work at its most efficient rpm range - reducing your consumption. With the best, most economical gear automatically selected, you can settle back and drive like a fuel-efficiency expert.

Driving with I-shift can also extend the life of the driveline and minimise maintenance. Good news all round.

I-Shift gearstick

The right gear at the right time. Safely.

Volvo’s versatile gearchanging tool features no clutch. You can always trust I-Shift’s intelligent electronics to perform the changes, allowing you to concentrate fully on manouevring your Volvo FE.

By reducing your fatigue on the road, I-Shift increases your safety and the safety of your fellow road users.

Performing in an intuitive way, I-Shift can be customised to suit your exact driving needs.

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How does I-Shift work

How does it work?

The secret lies in I-Shift’s electronic control unit. It is responsible for controlling the pneumatic system that handles the clutch and shifts. It receives information about vehicle speed, acceleration, weight, road gradient, air resistance and torque demand and, using precision technology, carries out accurate gear changes.

The I-Shift system communicates closely with the engine, which adjusts revs and engine brake effect for fast, comfortable automated shifting.

How would you like your I-Shift?

This software makes it possible to tailor I-Shift to your driving conditions.
I-Shift software - Basic I-Shift software – Fuel Economy

The Basic software designed to suit most transport demands.

Fuel Economy
Contains intelligent functions that minimise fuel consumption.
I-Shift software – Distribution & Construction
Distribution & Construction
Tailors the gearbox’s work for distribution and construction operations. Features include functions that aid the driver when starting and in close-quarter manoeuvring.

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