Chassis specifications for the new Volvo FE.

On this page, you'll find:

  • Chassis heights
  • Wheelbases
  • Fuel tanks
  • AdBlue tanks
  • Front axles
  • Tag axles
  • Rear suspension
  • Bodybuilder preparations
  • Fifth wheels
  • Brakes

Download the complete chassis specifications (PDF)

Chassis heights

Tyre Height (mm)
Low 315/60R22.5" 880
Med 315/70R22.5" 950
High 315/80R22.5" 1050


Wheelbase (mm) 4×2 tractor 4×2 rigid 6×2 rigid 6×4 rigid

Fuel tanks

The fuel tanks are available in plastic, steel or aluminium. Fuel volume varies from 160 to 630 litres. There are two heights of D-shaped tanks – 560 mm and 710 mm.

AdBlue tanks

The AdBlue tank is made of plastic and the volume is 32 litres. The AdBlue pump is integrated in the tank module. There is one variant for vehicles with right-hand mounted fuel tank (ADTP-R) and one for vehicles with left-hand mounted tank (ADTP-L).

Front axles

Front axle loads vary from 7.1 up to 8 tonnes.

Tag axles

These are available in several configurations – fixed with single or dual wheels, or with fixed or steered tag axle. Axle load 6.7, 7.1, 7.5, 9.5 or 10.5 tonnes.

Rear Suspension

Type Axle combination Suspension type Axle/bogie load
Axle type Tag axles
Solo axle
RAD-L90 4×2 Parabolic/S-spring
13 Single/hub
RAD-KR 4×2 Air 13 Single/hub
RADT-KR 6×2 Air 19/20 Single/hub Fixed/steered
RADD-BR 6×4 Parabolic 21 Single/hub

Bodybuilder preparations

Frame Body Builder Hole Row
The upper hole row is reserved for the body builder. All brackets in the upper hole row have an offset and an 8 mm spacer. No rivets are used in the upper hole row.

Crane Preparation
Crane plates on the chassis can be factory- mounted.

Fifth Wheels

An ISO fifth wheel with L-shaped profiles at different heights is included in the range, offering considerable freedom of choice. The flange-mounted fifth wheel is a low-weight variant since it does not require any attach- ment plate. The fifth wheel’s height above the chassis is from around 150 mm. Integrated lubrication and trailer connection indicator is available as option for specific variants.


The Volvo FE has pneumatic brakes with ventilated discs at both front and rear. The Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS) anti-locking disc- brake system provides both faster and safer braking response and promotes less brake wear. The system includes features such as ABS, a differential lock and Brake Blending. With Brake Blending, the system utilises the vehicle’s various brakes for more uniform brake application and less wear on both the wheel brakes and tyres. The extended EBS package features a function that facilitates starting on slopes. The brake discs are available in different sizes depending on the application.

Max braking torque retardation
The max torque is 1490 Nm between 800 and 1900 r/min.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
ESP (ESP-BAS1) helps maintain direction stability in difficult conditions, and also helps in preventing rollover.

Hydraulic retarder for AL306 Gearboxes
The compact, integrated hydraulic retarder (RET-HYDR and RET-TPT variants) is mounted on the gearbox. The max effect is 400 kW. Maximum ratio in the torque converter (TC418) is 1.98:1.