A more subtle presence
A more subtle presence

By the nature of the job it is asked to do, a city distribution and utilities truck like the new Volvo FE must blend into major centres of population. To ensure it achieves this with minimum environmental impact, technological development, supporting services and corporate responsibility all play their part.

Demographic trends show that more of us are living in cities or urban areas than ever. In turn this means that the demand for goods to be delivered within these areas continues to increase and distribution trucks affect us all on a daily basis. With this in mind, Volvo Trucks takes a proactive and broad approach to its environmental responsibility.

Getting more from less

Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our trucks and operations is long-standing. Over the past twenty years, emissions of air pollutants from Volvo trucks have been reduced by more than 90%. Over the same period, average fuel 90% consumption was cut by 20%. However, rather than inducing complacency, these figures inspire us to seek new solutions. Hybrid and methane diesel drivetrains continue to be developed and SCR exhaust systems feature on the new Volvo FE. Furthermore, the truck has a fully Euro 6 compliant engine program with no increases in fuel consumption and reduced service interval requirements.

Small steps, big changes

As well as designing and building optimised trucks such as the new Volvo FE, we realise that how they are driven and maintained can have an equally defining impact. For example, we offer Fuel Advice and Driver Development programs as well as other defining services such as our fleet management system Dynafleet, world-renowned I–Shift transmission and task-focused software upgrades. Together, these measures help us extract the maximum from every drop of fuel with the minimum environmental impact.

Responsibility starts at home

It is not just the trucks themselves that will define our full environmental performance. How we build our trucks and the processes we choose to apply also play a major part. Between 2003 and 2008 we reduced energy consumption per manufactured truck by one third and in 2008 our carbon neutral plant in Ghent – the worlds’ first and the production plant of the new Volvo FE – opened. We’re also proud to have the world’s first climate neutral dealership in Verona, Italy.