Exactly what you
need it to be

We understand the diverse range of transport challenges you face. Whether this involves creating a solution for refuse handling, light construction or transporting liquid petroleum products, we’re committed to be by your side every step of the way.

If we said that there are almost as many configurations of the new Volvo FE as there are missions it will be asked to perform it would only be a slight exaggeration. For this reason, ensuring we provide you with a flexible range of superstructure and chassis options lies at the heart of our offer.

With the right chassis, any kind of transport job can be carried out more efficiently.
Volvo FE delivery tank
With you every step of the way

From first contact and identifying the optimal superstructure for your needs through contacting body-builders, managing this process and finally arranging delivery, we don’t rest until your commercial and transport requirements have been fulfilled. With Volvo, this journey is made considerably less troublesome thanks to our established contacts with body-builders. We can supply them with detailed CAD drawings that help them work more effectively and ultimately deliver a quality, individually created solution – your next truck.

With its’ outstanding body-building potential and flexibility, this truck is more than ready to perform.

Established contacts with body-builders allow us to design and build a chassis exactly to your specification.
Volvo FE chassis

Robust and flexible

From a technical perspective, you’ll find many reasons why Volvo trucks and the new Volvo FE can achieve these high levels of flexibility. Robust and rigid, the chassis’ square, flat characteristics allow for easier body-building. Ultimately this allows for the design and construction of a solution that meets the highest of operational demands.