…now leave the rest to us

We realise that you are running a business first and running a truck second. That’s why we are committed to offering a complete range of services that allow you to enjoy dependable and efficient transport operations and your new
Volvo FE to the full.

With Volvo Trucks, your business has access to vital support services all day and all year round.

Your local Volvo trucks dealer is a curious individual. He wants to know your business. He needs to understand what you deliver or collect, when you do this and what defines how successful you are. There is a good reason behind this level of close scrutiny – your commercial success.

Your truck is our business

Enter a partnership with us and you will have access to essential services and a dealer network that is dedicated to supporting your business. We look after your truck so you don’t have to – and by doing so, we can offer an ownership experience that is less stressful and more profitable. Quite simply, you can get on with enjoying one of the world’s best distribution trucks without distractions.

Knowing you have an experienced and committed transport partner removes the stress from truck ownership.

The power behind the offer

But how do we achieve this? Based on your commercial and operational requirements, a complete solution including service contracts, fuel efficiency packages, driver training, fleet management and financial and insurance agreements can be put together. Everything you need to get the performance levels your business needs from your truck.