The answer is ‘yes’
Introducing the new
Volvo FE

From regional distribution to light construction, utilities and refrigerated transport – the jobs it is asked to do mean that the new Volvo FE has to take flexible performance in the 18 to 26 tonne class to a whole new level.

Now available with fuel-saving
I-Shift transmission.

Consider a normal working day then consider your truck. Are you getting what is required in terms of operational and commercial efficiency? If you are in doubt, perhaps the new Volvo FE can help you make up your mind. Thanks to a series of improvements including I-Shift transmission across all models, it is more than ready to stand up and be counted.

World news – I-Shift on new Volvo FE

The new Volvo FE features our world-renowned I-Shift transmission. For the driver, this means a more comfortable, less demanding working shift and for the operator, better fuel economy and more efficient transportation.
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New, Volvo developed engine program.
New, Volvo developed engine program.

More flexible than ever

You’ll also find flexibility in the Power Take Off options – understandable when considering the variety of tasks it has to accomplish. A completely new engine program also ensures that accessing the right kind of power is never an issue.

New front design including LED Daytime Running Lights.
LED Daytime Running Lights

Stable and robust, inside and out

A stable, robust chassis means that the truck can access more places than ever, more easily and more efficiently. It’s also our duty to point out that on a human level, the new Volvo FE is equally impressive. Driving ergonomics, a new seat and a carefully designed cab make it ideal for comfortable, safe operation and multiple entries and exits. It’s these features that enable the new Volvo FE to answer ‘yes’ to a wider range of challenges. Good news for you, great news for your business.

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