The new chassis. In one word: dynamic.

Volvo FH has handling characteristics above the ordinary. We’ve virtually designed every part of the truck to contribute to the stable feel and precise steering.
And then there’s individual front suspension and Volvo Dynamic Steering. Two milestones in the truck industry, improving handling to a completely new level..
It’s also a chassis that’s easy to build on, saving time at the bodybuilder's. A multitude of options facilitate tailoring.
Individual front suspension

Individual front suspension. Introducing car-like handling.

Steady like a train on straight roads. Perfect course through the curves. Individual front suspension is a true revolution in road handling. You really have to experience it for yourself to believe it.

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Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering. Total control – effortlessly.

It’s been called the biggest invention since power steering, and it’s easy to see why. When you navigate narrow spaces, the patented Volvo Dynamic Steering adds all the extra steering torque you need, drastically reducing the strain on your muscles. You can literally steer the truck with one finger. At higher speeds, it filters out disturbances from pot holes, road ruts, road markings, banked roads and side winds etc., providing you with perfect course stability and total control – all the time.

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Volvo FH GRAS-G2 rear suspension

Air suspension, GRAS-G2.

Experience the new air-suspended rear-wheel installation with high ground clearance. One could say it’s an earth-quaking development, specifically intended for the gravel pit.

Learn more about the air suspension here 

Lower weight

Lower weight. Higher payload and lower fuel costs.

While most trucks have put on weight to fulfil Euro 6, this truck has gone in the opposite direction. We’ve optimised many of the standard specifications and made Volvo FH considerably lighter. A normal 4×2 long-haul tractor, for example, can now weigh more than 100 kilos less than its Euro 5 predecessor.


8×2 with steerable pusher and tag axles.

The capacity of an 8×2, yet the driving comfort and fuel economy of a 4×2 – all in one vehicle. We can now factory fit your Volvo FH rigid with both pusher and tag axle. Opt for hydraulically steered axles for an even tighter turning radius.


More options. Less time at the bodybuilder's.

Thanks to the many specification options, Volvo FH is easy to prepare for any application, including swap-bodies. The new Bodybuilder Module, a separate electronic unit, is easy for the bodybuilder to tap into. And Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions (VBI) provide online access to all technical drawings and wiring diagrams needed.

Visit Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions

Chassi layout features

Volvo FH tractor chassis layout options 

1. Battery box (BBOX-L)
It is moved forward 300 mm compared with previous design. On tractors this offers 100–120 litres more fuel capacity.

2. Battery box (BBOX-EF)
Placed in the rear between the chassis frames is an option on tractors.

3. AdBlue tank
On tractors the AdBlue tank can be mounted on top of frame, behind the cab, offering more fuel capacity (ADTP-BC).

4. APM
Air Production Modulator is on tractors placed between the chassis frames in order to create more space for chassis-mounted equipment such as fuel tanks.
Volvo FH rigid chassis layout options 

5. Free frame space
The chassis packaging can be moved rearwards to give space for crane legs or other equipment. (FAA10; approx. 500 mm), (FAA20; approx. 600 mm).

6. Frame body builder hole row
The upper hole row is reserved for the body builder. All brackets in upper hole row have an offset and a 8 mm spacer. No rivets are used in the upper hole row.

7. Crane preparation
Crane plates on the chassis can be factory mounted.

8. Rear air suspension and short rear end
The rear overhang can be shorter thanks to a redesigned forward-mounted stabiliser bar. This is a benefit for construction applications and improves the asphalt-layer interface and swapbody applications.