Construction air suspension

A streamlined belly-line. The sign of a true construction truck.

Compared to traditional leaf suspension, air suspension offers many benefits. It provides a smoother ride, regardless of the road conditions – saving the truck, the cargo and, most importantly, the driver from additional wear. We offer a rear air suspension especially developed for construction trucks, offers high ground clearance (at least 300 mm) and is tough enough to handle rough terrain.

Volvo FH GRAS-G2 rear axle pressure

Better Traction and higher avarage speed.

Optimised rear-axle pressure on every axle means better traction, thanks to the air suspension. The driver can adjust axle load distribution for better traction if needed. Air suspension gives less vibration into the truck and you will get an improved driving comfort, especially when unloaded. This will also contribute to a higher average speed.

Volvo FH GRAS-G2 stabilisers

Stabiliser in bogie centre.

The position of the stabiliser bar results in less torsion forces on the chassis and better roll and tipping stability. It also contributes to the high ground clearance.

Volvo FH GRAS-Gg2 air-bellows

Air bellows mounted above the axle.

The air bellows are more protected and their new positions contribute to the high ground clearance. As do all other components.

Volvo FH GRAS-G2 air suspension

Air suspension.

Air suspension provides outstanding driving comfort and makes it possible to vary the ground clearance. No parts of the suspension lay outside the rear tire envelope. This makes it easier to adapt the chassis for applications such as asphalt layers or tippers.

Volvo-FH GRAS-G2 protected brakes

Protected brakes.

Don’t worry. No parts of the braking system stick out beneath the rear axle. That’s why you can be sure that the truck can handle all obstacles.

Available configurations

Type Axles Axle/bogie
Reduction  Tag/pusher axels 
RAD-G2 4×2 13 t Single/hub  
RADD-G2 6×4/8×4 21/23/26 t Single/hub  
RADDT-G2 8×4/10×4 27/33/36 t Single/hub Tag axle (steered)