Wherever, whenever. The 12 tonne Volvo FL will get you there.

Narrow alleys and busy traffic. In order to get around and get the job done, you need speed, power – and an optimised size. Both for the cargo and yourself.

The 12 tonne Volvo FL is 500 kilos lighter than a corresponding truck with six-cylinder engine and is thus the optimal and most economical choice for inner city environments.

Perfectly adapted to the inner city

No compromise, despite the size.

Where it needs to go, exactly when it needs to be there. The 12 tonne 4-cylinder Volvo FL is perfectly adapted for crowded inner city surroundings. Smaller and even easier to manoeuvre, the truck will get you to those hard-to-reach back alley distribution points while never compromising with power or load capacity.

D5K – powerful and light-weight

Impressive power to match.

The powerful but still light-weight D5K engine with its impressive power output of 210 or 240 hp will get you there on time, while the rest of the truck will get you there in style. This is a truck that will never leave you wanting. A package that’ll provide you with the most efficient mean to get the job done.

12-tonne Volvo FL instep

An easier step into
a comfortable workday.

A smaller truck means a lighter truck. But it also means the possibility for a lowered truck. The 12-tonner has been equipped with 17.5" wheels, which means that the cab is closer to the ground. With the many exits and entries of the working day of any city distribution assignment, the lowered height, combined with a ergonomically optimized instep, will mean spared strain and added comfort. Your body will thank you.

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Light-weight but muscular rear axle

Muscular rear axle.

To get the most out of the compact D5K engine, the truck is constructed with a rear axle that, in spite of its light weight, can support weights of up to 8.5 tonnes. This provides ample loading capacity while never interfering with the drivability.