Volvo headlights – lighting your way.

Long hours in the seat, behind the wheel. Mile upon mile through dark, deserted streets and alleys. Of course you need something to light your way and make your working nights so much brighter.

Luckily, the Volvo FL is equipped with a pair of state-of-the-art headlights with cost-efficient H4 bulbs that will make your job easier and well lit. When driving at night, the headlights produce a powerful beam, providing you with an early view of what is happening down the road.

Volvo FL, LED lights

High brightness with LED lights.

For the distinctive, v-shaped DRL lights, the Volvo FL uses LED lamps that produce a light with high brightness, has a low working voltage and a low power consumption. Furthermore, they are weather-resistant, provide long life and are easy to dismount and exchange.

Volvo FL Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights – fulfilling EU regulations.

The headlights and rear lights on the Volvo FL comply with the European regulations for daytime running lights (DRL), and are automatically switched on once the vehicle moves forward.

LED lights are automatically dimmed

Automatic dimming function.

The LED lights are automatically dimmed when parking or when low beam lights are activated. Something that approaching traffic and people in your surroundings will surely appreciate.

Volvo FL V-lights

Distinctive V-lights.

The headlights of the Volvo FL have been designed to belong to the family. The characteristic and confident V-shape of the lights will make you stand out in traffic, and be visible to other road users in the dark.

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